How to Quiet Air Compressor in 2024 Noise Reduction Tips

No doubt the air compressors are noisy machines, the sound they’re generating is extremely loud and disruptive. So, is there any way to quiet the air compressor or how to make an air compressor quieter? The answer is yes, Here we describe the complete method with bounce tips, which can help you to a quiet air compressor.

Several causes of air compressors are louder and also have a lot of tips, which they’re beneficial to quieting an air compressor. Most of the reason for louder air compressors is they’re expensive or much more powerful. You can lessen their loud sound by wrapping up, covering its motors, off compressor blocking, and intake moving, etc.

When you see all things that might be used to quiet the compressor’s louder voice, you may also think of buying a new one or you may put rubber grommets in the air compressor.

It doesn’t matter which options you’re going to choose, but before we’re going to discuss in detail how to quiet air compressors, we break down their types, functions, and features they’re using, as some pointers for a new one as well as compressor anatomy.

  • Centrifugal air compressor
  • Turbo compressor
  • Scroll air compressor
  • Rotary vane compressor
  • Rotary screw air compressor
  • Compound air compressor
  • Single and two-stage reciprocating compressors

It doesn’t concern which type of air compressor you’re using but you should remember air compressors are associated with several terms. These are the following terms

  • CFM: Cubic feet per minute
  • SCFM: Standard cubic feet per minute
  • HP: Horsepower
  • PSI: Pounds per square inch

All air compressors are placed into three categories, high-pressure air compressors, medium-pressure air compressors, and low-pressure air compressors.

High-pressure air compressors exceed 1000 PSI as per their discharge pressures, medium-pressure compressors 151 PSI to 1000 PSI, while low-pressure air compressors are under 150 PSI which is the lowest pressure charge.

How loud is an air compressor?

The device’s power can do it, the air compressors are no quieter. Lucky if your air compressors are 0 decibels’s but heavier compressors count if they’ve 90 decibels. Most conversations may be between 55 to 65 decibels as per your reference.

The air compressor which comes with 40 decibels is pretty much quiet. They’re much louder as compared to vacuum cleaners which have 60 to 85 decibels louder. Most lawnmowers also come with 90 decibels.

The louder volume of an air compressor may become the cause of heart damage but it will not come overnight. If you’re using an air compressor that has a loud volume, you will notice you lose your hearing.

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The question is why air compressors are louder. We consider as per the answer to the question which we cover a lot of things. For some of these, you use your air compressor in the same room or maybe you’re in a small building, etc.

The main thing about noisy air compressors is if the consumer has a lot of power they are noisy as compared to compressors which run on gas. Another noisy level of an air compressor is its friction due to its dynamic placement.

The positive displacement of an air compressor is ten to less friction, and less friction means less noise. The final thing about the noisy air compressor is its size and capacity. Love size and low capacity air compressors use low pistons, rapidly heat up and they’re very quick.

How to quiet air compressor

All explanations we have done about air compressors as well their functions and features. We hope you clearly understand the types, and terms associated with air compressors as well as how they work. Now is the best time to expand the method of how to quiet an air compressor.

  • Wrap the air compressor motor
  • Intake cover with a muffler
  • Air intake moving
  • Compressor box or encapsulate
  • Rubber grommets around the compressor motors
  • Use of sound blanket
  • Vibration handling
  • Take it outside
  • Using air plugs
  • Clean the compressor filter
  • Buy a quieter air compressor

1-Wrap the air compressor motor

If you’re using a hot water heater and you cover it with sound-deadening material, you will notice it may run with less noise. To make the air compressor quieter, you may also apply this technique with your air compressor.

2-Intake cover with a muffler

The next way to make your air compressor less noisy is to cover it with a muffler. For this purpose, you must have a muffler and then you find the compressor intake. Air hose two-sided plug, one end with the compressor intake and the other end with your muffler.

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In this way, it’s possible to compress some decibels and make a less noisy air compressor. It’s my complicated job but you can do it this way also but it’s not too shabby.

3-Air intake moving

The best way to move the air intake of the compressor. The air intake is considered the most crucial part of an air compressor because it’s the air entrance unit of air compressors. If you want to make it less noisy then you should remove it, where you feel it’s less noisy.

4-Compressor box or encapsulate

Boxing the air compressor or encapsulation is another way to quiet air compressors. It is quite literally when I think about it to box it up. If you’re not using soundproof material on the wall of rooms then you should take advantage of the box of an air compressor.

5-Rubber grommets around the compressor motors

If you’re using rubber around the motor of an air compressor, it definitely could lower the noise volume. For this purpose, you should use heavy rubber grommets that will fit around the compressor motor.

It’s the best and most inexpensive way to cover your compressor motor to avoid its louder volume. It doesn’t matter the size of the compressor engine, just you should have to fit from a rubber grommet.

6-Use of a sound blanket

With a good sound blanket, it’s a good idea to quit your air compressor. Heavy, dense blankets could completely wrap the air compressor. You just make sure to release airflow special in the exhaust gas-powered model. If you’ve any doubt then you ask the expert who wraps the air compressor.

7-Vibration handling

A big issue with an air compressor is its vibration when the motor is cranking. On concrete garage floors, it’s not possible to control, almost all people are placing their air compressors.

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To avoid air compressor vibration handling, you should absorbent material, for this purpose you can also use the same pieces of carpet and rubber mat to stop vibration handling, we assure you this trick really works in all types of environments.

8-Take it outside

It might be worth placing if things are getting ridiculous and the whole compressor is taken outside. An extended intake is simple by getting to work outside with the air compressor. You can be fed by using windows or doors.

May this option while using, your neighbor may not be a good fan, but this is the simple and easiest way to fix the noisy issue of an air compressor. By using this option you can freely work with your air compressor for a couple of hours without any kind of disturbance.

9-Using air plugs

The easiest and most effective way to reduce noise that will come from the air compressor is to wear air plugs. It is a good option for those who are using an air compressor for an extended period of time.

If you use your ear compressor for a short time, it depends on your portion of that time. This will make it more tolerable and reduce noise exposure. Today in the market different types of earplugs are available, choose one of them which is comfortable to wear.

10-Clean the compressor filter

An air compressor filter is one of the most common sources of noise When the air compressor takes to air the filter works through sift and removes any kind of present dirt, which becomes harmful to your air compressors.

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If you do not check the compressor filter regularly, it will accumulate and clog the resulting filter which becomes the cause of unbearable noise. If you want to avoid the noise of the compressor, you must clean the compressor filter regularly.

11-Buy a quieter air compressor

The last and final option for the silence of the air compressor is to buy a quieter air compressor. The clunky, small, and sleeker units are much quieter. It’s a good idea not just for sanity.


Why are air compressors so noisy?

There Are several factors of noisy air compressors, not a specific model of air compressors that are noisy, All types of air compressors are noisy but it depends on their function and features.

One of the worst things about noise compressors is friction, metal hitting that will be sliding against metal which becomes the cause of loud noise. Moving parts of the air compressor, proper maintenance of the compressor, major causes of the noisy compressor.

How many decibels is considered quiet for an air compressor?

The decibels which are counted in terms of quietest air compressors are 40db. The air compressor that comes with 40db is considered a less noisy air compressor, this type of compressor is often found for small and domestic use.

What type of air compressor is the quietest?

A different aspect the professional considers counting down the air compressor is the quietest. In quietest air compressors are single-piston models as compared to dual-piston air compressors. The compressor that comes with 40db is the best and quietest air compressor of all types.

In another way, rotary screw air compressors are much quieter air compressors as compared to reciprocating air compressors. On the other hand, the most exceptionally quietest air compressor is a scroll air compressor.

How loud is a typical air compressor?

The possible effect in operating an air compressor, we count the air compressor which they’re operating at 40 dB to 100 dB typically considered a loud air compressor. The Loud of an air compressor has many effects like workplace dysfunction and overall chaos.

Are belt-driven air compressors quieter?

Of course, the belt-driven air compressor is quieter because it can be well-maintained, and lubricated. This type of air compressor provides a more quiet environment for its users. To avoid the noise of an air compressor, you should take advantage of a belt-driven air compressor.

Are oil-free compressors quieter?

We can’t deny that modern oil-free compressors are much quieter as compared to traditional air compressors. As people make modern oil-free air compressors not nearly, they’re more advanced and well-featured.


For any workshop the air compressors are a massive pain point, we hope this guide will help you to know how to quiet the air compressor. All types of air compressors are noisy, 40 DB to 60 are quieter but these tips really help you make less noise. Buying a quiet model air compressor or applying these tips with your old compressor, this guide will be worth it for you.

To lower the noise level that emits, how much money do you want to spend on quieter air compressors or modify your existing air compressor? The above tips will really help you to solve this problem, Have a nice day, and thanks for reading.

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