How to Increase CFM on Air Compressor The Quick Way of 2024

If you’re wondering how to increase CFM on air compressors, especially when you know the CFM of an air compressor decides its capabilities. The air compressor comes with more CFM, it can work faster and more efficiently as compared to a less CFM air compressor.

To work well, some tools require less CFM, and some need faster CFM. With the high CFM required during working on big work then we surely need to increase the air compressor CFM. By doing this you can do the task very easily.

At that time the most important question came into mind, how to increase CFM on the air compressors to complete the work without any further delay. So, if you’re searching for how to increase CFM on air compressors.

You have no need to worry, here we discuss in detail, but before we discuss how to increase the CFM of an air compressor, let’s discuss what CFM is in detail.

What is an air compressor CFM?

The CFM stands for cubic feet per minute, it can decide whether the air compressor operates a high level of task or not. In simple words, we can say the CFM defines the rate of airflow volume.

The devices that tell about CFM rating can be directly connected to the air compressor, which can show the actual data on the rate of CFM. If the device shows that is used for displaying data of air compressor CFM 6, that means the air compressor can release 6 cubic air feet for a single minute.

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So, be careful about the CFM of an air compressor at the time of buying. At that time you decided whether the buying air compressor is fit for low CFM level work or for high CFM level work.

How CFM of an air compressor work

Under the container of the compressor tank, it takes air inside first and after that creates pressure. This pressure will help to collect air that comes from the container at a specific speed which is called the CFM of an air compressor.

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Every compressor has its own particular and specific level of CFM, We can also find any air compressor CFM by using the formula power=pressure x (volume/time), in that way, you can calculate the CFM of the air compressor.

How to increase CFM on air compressor

Beyond the limited power of an air compressor, we can’t increase its working CFM. But still, we have some changes that may help to increase the CFM of an air compressor. Below we mentioned some simple and easy ways to increase CFM on air compressors.

1-Decreasing PSI

We also hope you will clearly understand the relationship between pressure and volume, which are inversely proportional to one another. It means if you increase any one of them the other will also decrease automatically.

So, we have the option to increase the CFM of an air compressor by implementing this theorem. We just need to decrease its PSI to reduce airflow or enter into the tank slowly to build the inside pressure of the container. When it goes to lower pressure, it can automatically increase the CFM rate.

On the other hand, if you change the pressure of an air compressor that may also increase the CFM of the air compressor. This method is safe and nothing too harmful for your compressor.

2-Joining of two air compressor

Earlier we declared we will not be able to increase CFM on air compressors at a certain limitation. But, this method also works to improve some CFM of an air compressor.

In this method, you need to connect two different air compressors with one another to get the maximum level of CFM. If one of the air compressors has 5 CFM and the other has 6 CFM, when you connect both of them, definitely you will get 11 CFM

For their connectivity, you can connect two different air compressors with their hoses, after that, you will need to connect these two hoses to third container holes, one for the input of the compressor and the other for overall output and finally, you get the sum of two CFM.

The main disadvantage of this method, the connected two air compressors take a long time to suck in air which may cause overheating for both air compressors.

Tips to increase CFM of an air compressor

Optimizing your device more efficiently is the simplest and most easy way to increase your compressor CFM. Just make sure your air compressor is maintained regularly, the usage of the right hose as well as electricity consumption management.

Regular services

The first thing that you can do with your air compressor is to serve it on a regular basis. It will ensure you run your machine for maximum efficiency.

Too long hose

The second thing you can make sure to not to use a too-long hose, too thin, or with too many bends. The long hose may become harder for the compressor working and it will also take time to recover air pressure.

On the other hand, the sharp bends also leave a negative effect on your machine that will also cause you to maintain steady airflow.

Industrial grade hose

For your machine you should consider using the industrial grade hose, the reason they last longer with more flexibility as compared to regular hose type. To maintain air compressor efficiency, always be sure to use the industrial-grade hose.

Fix leaks

The main important tip to maintain the air compressor and increase its efficiency, you make sure to fix all leaks and drain your machine after everyday usage. Any kind of leak will leave a negative effect on the machine, it will also decrease its running time as well as its recovery time air flow.

With the usage of spray soapy, you can fix any kind of leak as well as mark all connections. If the air compressor has any kind of leaks, you definitely find bubbles forming around the areas.

Pressure regulator

To avoid any sudden skippers always use the pressure regulator, because this is the easiest way to check your tools are properly operating. By using a pressure regulator you will first ensure how to use the pressure regularly and how it works.

Turning off

When you complete your task, you need to turn off the machine as soon as you’re waiting to recover from fully cutting off. Turning off the machine tips is last but not least. We hope these tips may help you to improve your air compressor CFM efficiency.

Proper CFM rating benefits

The benefits of the air compressor CFM are numerous, but here we give the main benefits where they prove beneficial and increase its airflow.

  • Your tools work better if you maintain and optimize the amount of CFM
  • Take a long time to recover from a pressure spike for the tool cycle
  • The tools with high CFM have on/off accelerated cycle time
  • Perform well in a short amount of time in working
  • Devices with high CFM ratings become easy to use
  • Pneumatic-powered tools are ideally working with high startup


The best way to increase air compressor performance is to increase its CFM and if you don’t know how to increase CFM on air compressors then you can leave it to professionals. The simple increase in CFM of an air compressor can have a big effect on large tools working.

If you’re working with large tools then we recommend investing in an air compressor that will more accommodate you. We hope, after following the above simple step you clearly understand how to increase CFM on the air compressor. And we also hope you freely share with others they will benefit from this article.

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