How to Fill Paintball Tanks With Air Compressor in 2024

If you’ve your paintball gun and its air tank will run out of air while playing the game and you’re looking for how to fill paintball tanks with air compressor,  then not to worry, here we discuss in depth how to fill paintball tanks with an air compressor in an easiest and simple way.

To get back in the game definitely you need to fill your air tank, refilling the paintball air tank is not something like tire air pumping. First, you try to understand if the air tanks will be operating at the maximum level of psi which may be between 4000 to 5000 pounds per square inch.

Typically the air compressor that you’re using for vehicles is up to 180 psi, In this way if you’re using tire inflators the answer is no, some of the air compressors today available in the market are used for refilling paintball air tank guns.

If you have these kinds of air compressors and you want to fill the paintball tank by using an air compressor, at first you know the types of paintball air tanks, and air filling places and then you properly understand how to fill paintball tanks with air compressors.

Types of paintball air tanks

Before you’re going to know how to fill paintball air tanks with air compressors, we briefly describe their three main types. These are the following paintball air tank types which are mostly used.

  • Co2 tanks
  • Compressed air tanks
  • Nitrogen tanks

In these types of paintball air tanks, the nitrogen tank is less used, so here we deal with the other two types of paintball air tanks.

Co2 tanks

These types of air tanks are made of steel and aluminum. The size range of these tanks is 4 to 24 ounces. So, it’s best practice to fill this kind of air tank with the same CO2 tank.

If you try to include any other kind of air, it may alter the performance of the paintball gun. The process of refilling the CO2 paintball air tank with an air compressor is safe and doable.

For CO2 tanks the ratio of psi is 1800, for the filling air compressor if they have 3000 to 45 psi then they’re more adequate for the refilling of paintball air tanks, which is not against the law.

Compressed air tanks

Compressed air tanks exist in two different types, The first one is aluminum which has a 3000 psi rating, and the other is carbon fiber model which has a 4500 psi rating.

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It is a key point you never used low-pressure pumps for refilling. A 4500 psi air compressor can fill the 3000 psi air compressor but a 3000 psi air compressor is not able to fill the 4500 psi air compressor. In the same way, the hand pump or tire pump has not done the perfect job.

How to fill paintball tanks with air compressor

As usual, we see a lot of people recommending professionals for refilling paintball air tanks.  These kinds of recommendations are for those who are using CO2 gas, but if you want to do it yourself, there is not going to be anything wrong.

Here we discuss in detail and process of how to fill paintball tanks with an air compressor in a simple and perfect way.

  1. Air compressor
  2. Co2 paintball tanks or HPA
  3. Adapter fill
  4. The hose
  5. Safety equipment
  6. Scale

The last scale option is optional, it depends on you. The safety equipment process includes protection gloves or eyewear. Safety is very important while using pressurized air, in the air-filling process safety is of utmost importance besides its inspections

Hydrostatic test

According to the law, you should undergo hydro-testing tests after five years. The test will assure you to avoid any kind of leaks and it will help you to maintain its integrity. If the hydro-test is overdue you should not refill the tank.

Area ventilation

In the ventilation area, you will be assured where you want to do the refilling. This is necessary for those who are working with Co2. In high quantities, CO2 is very dangerous.

Releasing of remaining air

Before when you’re going to refilling, you will ensure the paintball tank is empty which means no air is left inside the paintball tank. If it remains inside the tank, it can interfere during the refilling process.

Connect the paintball tank to the air compressor

Definitely, it will happen that the size of the paintball tank and air compressor is not the same, but you will ensure they fit securely with each other. You will also take advantage of using an adapter to match the size of paintball tanks and air compressors.

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First, you will need to connect the adapter to the hose of the air compressor, then it will be able to connect the nipple of the paintball tank. After connecting the air compressor and paintball tank through the adapter, you can turn on the air compressor.

Open the valve to refill the paintball tank

When you’re going to fill paintball tanks with an air compressor, the second thing that is highly important is how to open the valve of the tank. Our recommendation is to never open it quickly. It will cause a rush of air and also cause hot fill.

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The hot fill becomes the reason for the pressure drop while filling the tank. The drop pressure you will notice on the gauge is the right way.  The air may send debris into the paintball tank if the filters are not clean.

Disconnection of the air compressor with a paintball tank

After filling the paintball tank, the final step is to disconnect the paintball tank with the air compressor, The things you will ensure, are to shut down the air compressor, find a release valve, and turn it. Some of the air compressors have a whip that you only need to let go of.


With this, the process of how to fill paintball tanks with air compressors is easy and it should not take time. Within a few seconds, you can complete the process. If you want to do it yourself then you will first ensure your safety. If finalized you do it the right way, it just has a fund for paintballing.

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