Best Nail Gun for Trim in 2024 Top Choices

When you think about carpentry and woodworking projects, having the right tools is essential for achieving professional results. One of the crucial tools for trim carpenters is a nail gun. But the issue is with the multitude of options that are available in the market, it’s not easy to find the best nail gun for trim. Don’t worry, we’re here to walk through a detailed guide on the top nail guns on the market, their benefits, features, and how to choose the perfect nail gun for trim. Whether you’re a professional seasonal or DIY enthusiast, we’ve got everything to cover. 

In the construction industry nail guns are considered revolutionary tools special in trim work. When you compare nail guns to traditional hammering they offer uneven and unprofessional results. By choosing the best nail gun for trim, you can ensure the seamless and polished finish of nail driving into trim material with quality and effortlessly. Two types of nail guns are used in trim work: pneumatic and cordless nail guns. It depends on you which is fit for your project. 

How to Choose the Best Nail Gun for Trim

It’s essential to understand the factors and key features of nail guns that make a nail gun suitable for your trim work before going through the top recommendations.

Power Source: While selecting the nail gun for trim, you have two options one is a pneumatic nail gun and the second is a cordless nail gun. Cordless nail guns are highly portable as compared to pneumatic nail guns but it depends on your project’s nature. Each option has its own advantages and features. 

Nail Size and Angle: The second thing you assure is the nail size and angle of the nail gun. Different nail sizes and angles of nail guns are available in the market, but you need to ensure the nail gun which you’re selecting can support your trim project requirements. 

Weight and Ergonomics: You know woodworking projects are time-consuming tasks. Lightweight and ergonomic designed nail guns ensure their comfortable use for long work periods without any fatigue or strain. Having a lightweight and ergonomic designed nail gun is a must to enhance comfort and work productivity. 

Magazine Capacity: The nail guns magazine’s capacity can directly affect workout periods. The magazine of nail guns determines how many nails you can hold at a time for trim work. Large-size magazines can enhance productivity and eliminate the need for frequent nail reloading. 

Jam Clearing Mechanism: During intensive use, a nail jam issue is most common, but don’t worry most nail guns come up with their clear nail jam mechanism, which you can easily clear the nail jam issue and start work again. Look for a nail with a user-friendly jam release mechanism to save time as well as effort. 

Top 10 Best Nail Gun for Trim

  • Makita XNB01Z Cordless Brad Nailer
  • Worx WX840L.9 Cordless Nailer
  • Arrow PT18G Gauge Oil-Free Pneumatic Brad Nailer
  • Worx WX840L 20V Power Share Cordless Nailer
  • NuMax SL31 Pneumatic 3-in-1 Nail Gun
  • WEN 61722K 18-Gauge 2-in-1 Pneumatic Nailer
  • NuMax SBR50 Pneumatic 18-Gauge 2″ Brad Nailer
  • Arrow PT23G 23 Gauge Compact Pneumatic Nail Gun
  • Greenworks 24V 18GA Brushless Brad Nailer
  • Arrow ET501F Corded 5-in-1 Professional Nail Gun
Our Top Pick!1
Makita XNB01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 2 Brad Nailer
Makita XNB01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 2″ Brad Nailer
  • 18 Gauge
  • 5/8″ to 2
  • 5.0Ah 18V 
  • 110 nails
  • 7.7 pounds
Worx WX840L.9 20V Power Share Cordless 18 Gauge Nail & Staple Gun
Worx WX840L.9 20V Power Share Cordless
  • 18 Gauge
  • 105 nails
  • 20 volts 2.0Ah
  •  1 to 1.25
  • ‎6.3 pounds
Arrow PT18G Gauge Oil-Free Pneumatic Brad Nailer
Arrow PT18G Gauge Oil-Free Pneumatic Brad Nailer
  • 18 Gauge
  • ‎Hand powered
  • 100 PSI
  • 5/8″, 3/4″, 1.5 2
  • ‎3.5 pounds
Worx WX840L 20V Power Share Cordless 18 Gauge Nail
Worx WX840L 20V Power Share Cordless Nailer
  • 18 Gauge
  • 500 shots
  • 20 Volts 2.0ah
  • 1to 1.25
  • ‎6.3 pounds
NuMax SL31 Pneumatic 3-in-1 16-Gauge and 18-Gauge 2
NuMax SL31 Pneumatic 3-in-1 Finish Nailer
  • 16 -18 gauge
  • 3/8, 3/4″ to 2
  • ‎Air Powered
  • ‎Imperial system
  • ‎2.09 pounds
WEN 61722K 18-Gauge 2-in-1 Pneumatic 2-Inch Brad Naile
WEN 61722K 18-Gauge 2-in-1 Pneumatic 2-Inch Nailer 
  • 18 Gauge
  • 1/4, 5/8 to 2
  • 100-fastener
  • Air Powered
  • ‎5.44 pounds
NuMax SBR50 Pneumatic 18-Gauge 2 Brad Nailer
NuMax SBR50 Pneumatic 18-Gauge 2″ Brad Nailer
  • 18 Gauge
  • 5/8″ to 2
  • Air Powered
  • Imperial system
  • ‎2.86 pounds
Never Miss!8
Arrow PT23G 23 Gauge Compact Pneumatic Pin Nail Gun
Arrow PT23G 23 Gauge Compact Pneumatic Nail 
  • 23 Gauge
  • 3/8”, 5/8”, 13/16
  • 100 PSI
  • Air powered
  • ‎2.07 pounds
Latest Pick!9
Greenworks 24V 18GA Brushless Brad Nailer
Greenworks 24V 18GA Brushless Brad Nailer
  • 18 Gauge
  • DC power
  • 100 nail
  • 1.5Ah-2Ah-4Ah
  • ‎6.86 pounds
Arrow ET501F Corded 5-in-1 Professional Electric Staple and Nail Gun
Arrow ET501F Corded 5-in-1 Professional Electric Nailer
  • 18-Gauge 
  • 5000 fastener
  • 5/16 – 3/8
  • AC/DC power
  • ‎3.3 pounds

1-Makita XNB01Z Cordless Brad Nailer

Our Top Pick!

Makita XNB01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 2″ Nailer

  • 18 Gauge – 110 hold nail – 1,660 nail
  • 2-Mode selector switch – ‎Hand powered
  • Nails from 5/8″ to 2″ – ‎7.43 pounds
  • 5.0Ah 18 Volts LXT Battery
  • ‎4.4 x 14.5 x 11.7 inches

At first, the best nail gun for trim is Makita XNB01Z Cordless Brad Nailer which offers ultimate portability and convenience without any restricted movement like air hose or cords. They work really well even in tight spaces effortlessly without the need for a power outlet. These types of nailers offer several advantages as compared to traditional hammering or nail methods. They always ensure clean, clear, and precise fastening to eliminate the risk of wood splitting with less surface damage, that’s the thing that makes them ideal for delicate projects.

The Makita XNB01Z Cordless Brad Nailer comes up with an impressive array of excellent and reliable features which make it an ideal choice from its competitors. You can elevate your trim working projects with its combined power precision and its ease of use. More is added with advanced motor technology which we rarely see any other nail gun for trim work.

 It will ensure consistent and reliable nail driving power into the surface every time. We personally appreciate his cordless design which offers a lot of mobility. You can move freely around the workshop or job site to get more focus on your work for both indoor and outdoor projects. Ergonomic design with high-quality material makes it an ideal choice for demanding job sites to ensure comfortable using experience even in extending work periods. 

We can’t ignore the Makita XNB01Z Cordless Brad Nailer quick reloads with rapid cycle time to boost the speed for a fastening process that will significantly increase overall work efficiency and productivity. Its tool depth adjustment and LED light allow its user to work with more precision, and accuracy to maximize exceptional results. This nail is not only used for trim projects, but it also features crown molding to baseboard installation for supporting a wide range of applications. 

In terms of security, it is well-featured safety precisions like dry-fire lock, nail jam release mechanism, and other safety precision to reduce the risk of any accidental damage or injury while operating the nail guns. With Makita XNB01Z Cordless Brad Nailer your woodworking enthusiast’s toolkit has a remarkable addition. If you are searching for the best nail gun for trim, definitely you take advantage of its cordless design and precision performance.


  • Operates pretty well
  • A little thin gauge
  • The hassle-free great tool
  • Great power and drives nails flawlessly


  • Little bulky
  • The motor is located below

2-Worx WX840L.9 Cordless Nailer


Worx WX840L.9 20V Power Share Cordless 18 Gauge Nail

  • 2-in-1 – 500 Shots on a single charge
  • 80 nails per minute – Non-marring-pad
  • 20 Volts Battery – 18 Gauge – LED light
  • ‎6.3 pounds – Carry bag – Wood material
  • ‎11.22 x 3.62 x 11.06 inches

In woodworking and carpentry projects cordless nailers are an essential tool because they prevent the need for air hoses and power outlets. They power through rechargeable batteries which offer great mobility to move around site jobs. So, keep in mind how necessary for enthusiasts or professionals the nail gun is cordless, we introduce the next best nail gun for trim is Worx WX840L.9 Cordless Nailer, which offers unparalleled portability with its ease of use. 

In woodworking and carpentry projects for both enthusiasts and professional workers, the Worx WX840L.9 Cordless Nailer is an essential tool that will be designed for precision and efficiency. Its cordless design not only makes it ideal for trim projects but also suitable for crown molding, baseboards, window casings, and more without any limitations to enhance overall work efficiency as well as convenience performance. 

Without any strain and user fatigue, its lightweight design with a comfortable grip allows it to work continuously over a long period. Further, a lithium-ion battery was added to ensure a perfect work session without any charging delay. Thanks to its nail-compatible features, the Worx WX840L.9 Cordless Nailer fits various nail sizes for offering more flexibility in different nail tasks. 

In terms of safety, the 18 gauge nailer never disappoints you, it has a dual-mode trigger to avoid accidental firing and a no-mar-tip to protect the work surface from unsightly marks or damages. Its clear and safe instructions make it easier to use especially for beginners. The nailer’s cordless nature further makes it more versatile and portable for the hand of the user for nail breezing. In terms of performance, the Worx WX840L.9 delivers consistent and reliable nail driving even in soft, hard, or engineered wood. 

We really praised its noise level while operating as compared to the traditional pneumatic nailer. It is significantly lower in noise level and minimal vibrations which is really helpful in residential areas. Its long battery, durable construction material, precise nail depth, and other excellent features make it a top choice in the list of best nail guns for trim, it’s a top-notch nailer for both professional workers and enthusiasts. Definitely, you take your projects to the next level with Worx WX840L.9 Cordless Nailer and experience the freedom of efficiency which the nailer offers.


  • Simple to use
  • Drives nails better
  • Locking slide magazine
  • Very convenient for use


  • Bit heavy
  • Need some improvements

3-Arrow PT18G Gauge Oil-Free Pneumatic Brad Nailer

Budget Friendly!

Arrow PT18G Gauge Oil-Free Pneumatic Brad Nailer

  • 18 Gauge – Up to 120 PSI
  • Up to 2 inches long – Comfort grip
  • Adjustable exhaust cover – ‎Metal
  • Low nail indicator – ‎3.5 pounds
  • ‎10 x 2 x 10 inches

Meet with the next best nail gun for trim if you’re tired of struggling with manual nailers which lead to a lack of precision as well as a slow work process. The Arrow PT18G Gauge Oil-Free Pneumatic Brad Nailer is a powerful well-designed tool for streamlining woodworking projects and tasks with its unmatched efficiency. This nailer is an excellent game changer whether you’re an enthusiast or a professional carpenter who drives nails very quickly and accurately into different surface materials. 

From softwoods to hardwoods the Arrow PT18G Gauge Oil-Free Pneumatic Brad Nailer can tackle a wide range of nailing tasks effortlessly into various materials with ease to ensure fast and superior results. This nailer becomes your go-to tool whether you’re working on trim, crown molding, casings of windows, or any other projects, you would embrace its nail driving without leaving no room for errors. It also has a sequential nail firing feature for precise nail placement and nail depth adjustment control which you get more control over nail depth for a seamless and professional finish.

One of the standout features of Arrow PT18G is its innovative-oil free design which prevents the user from constant lubrication. It not only keeps your work area clean but also enhances nailer longevity itself and you get more focus on your project without any disturbance. Further, its rugged construction makes it possible to move in the toughest condition. The lightweight design, hassle-free nail maintenance, and nail depth adjustment setting ultimately increase your productivity without any discomfort. 

Like other best nail guns for trim which we mentioned here, it has no exception in terms of safety and security. The nail gun integrated with a no-mar-tap, quick-release jam ensures user safety for smooth and precise nail operations. It’s an ideal choice for beginners because it’s simple and easy to use. Its precision, efficiency, reliable performance, and user-friendly design make it a must-have tool in its category. With the best nail gun for trim, you can create beautiful and durable masterpieces with a simple and easy step. So, why are you waiting? Get in your hand and experience the power of precision and efficiency.


  • Simple to use and well-constructed
  • Enough nail power for hardwoods
  • Worked flawlessly and no jamb ups
  • Surface without leaving obvious marks


  • Not yet

4-Worx WX840L 20V Power Share Cordless Nailer

Worx WX840L 20V Power Share Cordless 18 Gauge Nailer

  • 20 Volts Battery (2.0ah) – 18 Gauge
  • Up to 500 shots on one charge 
  • Lithium Ion 2.0Ah PowerShare battery
  • ‎6.3 pounds – ‎Wood material – LED light
  • 11.22 x 3.62 x 11.06 inches

Bring creativity to woodworking projects if you’re a passionate DIYer or professional contractor you know the value of high-quality tools which accomplish tasks effortlessly. Here we have a tool that revolutionizes your DIY experience by ensuring unmatched performance, versatility, and durability. So, this is Worx WX840L 20V Power Share Cordless Nailer that will offer full freedom of work around your job site without any restrictions.

For successful DIY enthusiasts projects depend on nailer precision and durability, this way the Worx WX840L 20V Power Share Cordless Nailer is excellent having an 18-gauge nail capacity that is capable of handling various applications from trim work to crown molding. It is crafted with robust material, an ergonomic lightweight design for a comfortable grip, well-balanced construction that makes it withstand even tough working conditions or places. 

The reliable and solid construction of the nailer ensures your project’s exceptional performance over the year. In the DIY enthusiast’s experience, efficiency is considered the key to success. So, it has a hassle-free nail loading mechanism which saves your time as well as effort for quick and maximize work productivity. Moreover, it has a power share battery which you can use with other Worx power tools, and with this, you can also switch between tools to ensure they never lose the momentum of a project. 

In poorly lit areas work on a project could be a challenge because it can lead to errors and unsatisfactory results. The Worx really understand their customer needs and with the designed Worx WX840L with LED light, you can work even in dim light accurately without shadows or guesswork. We don’t hesitate to say whether you’re a professional carpenter or DIY enthusiast, this nailer has a bunch of packs to drive nails with precise power and meet all your needs which you’re expecting from the best nail gun for trim.

Definitely, it would be your ultimate companion and valuable addition to your toolkit to ensure excellent results for every project you undertake. Most of the users who took Worx WX840L 20V Power Share Cordless Nailer praise its performance, and efficiency with ease of use to clean the finish of nail drives. For all your creative endeavors and professional-grade results, you just need to take this remarkable nailer today.


  • Works great and is easy to use
  • Accuracy is a good and huge power
  • The depth of brads is easily adjusted
  • Awesome little tool


  • A little heavy

5-NuMax SL31 Pneumatic 3-in-1 Nail Gun

NuMax SL31 Pneumatic 3-in-1 16-Gauge and 18-Gauge 2″

  • 3-in-1 design – 360-degree exhaust
  • 16-18-Gauge – Air Powered – Imperial
  • 3/4″ to 2 – 3/8″ to 2 – 1/4″ – 1/2″ 1-5/8″
  • ‎2.09 pounds – ‎Aluminum body
  • 9.5 x 2.25 x 9.25 inches

The next three-in-one best nail gun for trim is the NuMax SL31 Pneumatic Nail Gun which could be used as a Brad, finish, and flooring nailer to tackle a wide range of projects easily. For both professionals and hobbyists, this nail gun eliminates the need for multiple nail guns which is cost and space-saving. The ability of the nail gun to use with different fasteners enhances its versatility to switch between applications seamlessly. 

The NuMax SL31 Pneumatic 3-in-1 Nail Gun could be used with a variety of finish carpentry tasks. The nail gun is compatible with both 16-gauge and 18-gauge which is a nice thing for professional workers. It is one of the great tools to work on various projects like baseboard installation, the backing of cabinets, chair rail molding, crown molding, furniture trim, and window casing along with trim work.

The nail gun is designed for quick nail re-loading without any kind of adjustment to switch between magazine fasteners effortlessly. The nice thing we personally like is that you can load fasteners of 16 and 18-gauge as well. On the right of the nail, you can load 16-gauge finish nails while on the left side 18 gauge brad nails are loading and on the center 18 gauge staples could be loaded. 

The reload indicator will indicate while you’re running a low fastener and its tool-free finger allows you to adjust nail depth according to surface condition. You would also be praised for its no-map tap which makes surface material secure and safe to ensure professional-grade results for professional construction carpenters or DIYers. When you come to its body and design, it’s an ergonomically lightweight and rugged tool that is ideal for long use.

For fasteners nail placement the NuMax SL31 nail gun’s comfortable grip reduces fatigue to increase custom control and nail accuracy. It also has a 360-degree adjustable exhaust like other best nail guns for trim to avoid air and debris which directly come to your face. No doubt, the NuMax SL31 Pneumatic 3-in-1 Nail Gun takes care of your project ideally around home or job sites.


  • Easier to clear jams
  • Very solid all-in-one nailer
  • A tool-free finger depth adjust
  • Worked perfectly and consistently


  • Crooked magazine
  • Heavy-duty framing nailer

6-WEN 61722K 18-Gauge 2-in-1 Pneumatic Nailer

Budget Friendly!

WEN 61722K 18-Gauge 2-in-1 Pneumatic 2-Inch Nailer

  •  From 5/8 to 1-5/8 – 5/8 to 2
  • 100-fastener capacity magazine
  • 1/4-inch 18 NPT – Air Powered
  • ‎5.44 pounds – 20V Max Battery System
  • ‎13.11 x 11.1 x 3.11 inches

Another best nail gun that we are introducing for efficient and effortless nail precision is WEN 61722K Pneumatic Nailer. The tool is well-known to breeze projects by giving unparalleled performance and accuracy whether you’re a professional DIY enthusiast or a seasonal carpenter, this powerful tool is your perfect companion in all of your nailing tasks. Having the best nail gun for trim, why you’re struggling with manual nail driving, and how it could be wonderful to drive nails precisely and effortlessly. 

With the WEN 61722K 18-Gauge 2-in-1 Pneumatic Nailer, you need to say farewell to the split and uneven nail driving process and take this 18-gauge nailer to ensure seamless penetration of nails at every time. It can provide you more flexibility to choose 2-in-1 nail feature brad or narrow crown staples for various applications from trim woodwork to crafting, this nailer can handle all of these with finesse. Safety and efficiency plus go with the nailer also. 

Avoid complex nail setups as well as manual lengthy processes just take a simple step to plug in, and load nails and you’re ready for work. This is only possible with the WEN 61722K 18-Gauge 2-in-1 Pneumatic Nailer which is fully user-friendly and designed to let you focus more on your life creativity vision. The nailer is powered through an air compressor to ensure consistent and precise nailing. Not all nailing jobs are the same, you have to adjust nail depth according to the desired job. 

It also has a nail depth adjustment setting and quick-release jam feature to ensure project efficiency and accuracy. Personally, we used WHEN 61722K nailer with a variety of projects and we were very impressed with its precise and consistent nail placement. We highly recommend it to anyone who’s searching for the best nail gun for trim, that should be versatile and reliable. Overall the nailer is really great and suitable for a variety of projects because it is lightweight, versatile and reliable, easy to use, and produces consistent results, we are sure you would take advantage of our top-notch recommendation.


  • Offers versatility and reliability
  • Great for home use
  • Extremely reasonably priced
  • A fastener gauge and rotating exhaust


  • Double-fire a couple of times

7-NuMax SBR50 Pneumatic 18-Gauge 2″ Brad Nailer

NuMax SBR50 Pneumatic 18-Gauge 2″ Nailer

  • 18 Gauge – Automatic operation mode
  •  From 5/8″ to 2″ – Air Powered
  • Imperial system – ‎2.86 pounds
  • ‎360-degree exhaust – Aluminum body
  • 2.5 x 9.5 x 10.5 inches

If you’re looking for a high-quality Brad nailer in your trim work that combines power, precision, durability, and reliability, then you look no further the NuMax SBR50 Pneumatic 18-Gauge 2″ Brad Nailer is here. The nailer is particularly designed for woodworking projects and yet it proves it is the best nail gun for trim and a must-have essential tool for any woodworker. It drives nail 18-gauge into various surface materials without any interruption.

The nailer is great from delicate trim work to heavy-duty tasks with ease and effortlessly. The NuMax SBR50 Pneumatic 18-Gauge 2″ Brad Nailer has a feature to tackle a wide range of applications with consistent nailing, reduce the nail reload process, and increase work productivity overall. No doubt, the nailer excess in his department is due to ensuring everything precision whether you’re working with trim, crown molding, or furniture assembling, you would not deny his excellent and consistent performance. 

Investing in the best nail gun for trim which is NuMax SBR50 Pneumatic 18-Gauge 2″ Brad Nailer means you ensure your project’s exceptional performance on the go. It’s true this nailer never disappoints you, personally, we used it in our home base trim project, and it’s really pretty nice. It is constructed in a way to withstand the rigors of daily use to extend the work period with its consistent performance without leaving any room which disappoints when you need it. 

During extended use its ergonomic design is really helpful for comfortable use and reduces user hand fatigue, enhancing usability that will make it easier to maneuver. The NuMax SBR50 Pneumatic 18-Gauge 2″ Brad Nailer has to offer whether you’re a DIY hobbyist, a professional carpenter, and a woodworker enthusiast. This nailer is your versatile companion from baseboard installation to crafting decorative pieces adding efficiency and finesse to the project. 

A top-notch indispensable tool in every woodworker’s arsenal, the NuMax SBR50 Pneumatic 18-Gauge 2″ Brad Nailer deserves a place. Its winning combined features of power, precision, durability, and user-friendly design make it an excellent investment if you want to elevate the quality of your project. In every endeavor to achieve outstanding results, the NuMax SBR50 Nailer is just for you.


  • It is easy to handle
  • Aluminum side-loading magazine
  • No misfires and worked perfectly
  • It is a bit nicer and cheaper


  • Not yet

8-Arrow PT23G 23 Gauge Compact Pneumatic Nail Gun

Never Miss!

Arrow PT23G 23 Gauge Compact Pneumatic Nail Gun

  • 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 13/16” and 1”
  • Oil-free design – Easy load magazine
  • Rubber comfort grip – Exhaust cover
  • ‎2.07 pounds – ‎Pneumatic power source
  • ‎8.25 x 2 x 10 inches

As homeowners and DIY enthusiasts, currently, we had the opportunity to test the Arrow PT23G 23 Gauge Compact Pneumatic Nail Gun on various projects and we were pretty much impressed with this nail gun for trim. The first thing that will attract our attention is its compact and lightweight user-friendly design which makes it easy to handle without any arm strain for extended use. Its sturdy and durable construction feel indicates the rigors for regular use. Further, an ergonomic grip adds more custom and comfort control to reduce hand fatigue.

In terms of performance, the Arrow PT23G 23 Gauge Compact Pneumatic Nailer is outstanding because its 23-gauge nail capacity allows for precision nailing which makes it an ideal choice for delicate trim work as well as other finishing tasks. The nail gun consistently ensures flush nail driving into material with minimum effort to ensure clean and professional nail finishing. Pneumatic operation is another excellent feature of the nailer which ensures powerful and consistent nailing without the need for excessive trigger force. 

The guns have no sinking troubles while working on hardwood, softwood and even work with medium-density fiberboard. Thanks to his user-friendly design and clear manual instruction for straightforward nailing. To ensure perfect nail finishing and precise nailing it also featured a quick-release magazine and nail depth adjustment setting. In the safety mechanism, its trigger is easy to engage and respond to avoid any risk of accidental firing. While nailing to avoid delicate surface damage the nail gun featured a no-mar tip. 

The Arrow PT23G 23 Gauge Compact Pneumatic Nail Gun is highly versatile whether it comes to crown molding, window casing, baseboard, and trim work, it can handle all of these tasks with ease. Some of the nail guns are marked with noise during their operation but this is the best nail gun for trim due to its less excessive noise without compromising on its performance. It will give you a well-controlled, stable, and accurate nailing experience. The nail gun enhances your nailing tasks with a satisfying professional finish, highly recommended.


  • Very affordable
  • Precise and easy to use
  • Excellent tool for assembling items
  • Durable enough for heavy-duty use


  • No complainants yet

9-Greenworks 24V 18GA Brushless Cordless Nailer

Latest Pick!

Greenworks 24V 18GA Brushless Brad Nailer

  • 18 Gauge – Max 100 nail
  • LED work light – 1. 5Ah, 2Ah, and 4Ah
  • 24 Volts Lithium-Ion Battery
  • ‎6.86 pounds – DC power source
  • ‎11.89 x 10.75 x 4.41 inches

The Greenworks 24V 18 GA Brushless Brad Nailer is your perfect solution if you’re tired of the traditional methods of woodworking. The nailer will help you to make your work process simple, fast, easy, and more efficient. For your various projects, the nailer is a powerful and versatile tool to deliver outstanding results. It has all the impressive features that you have except for the best nail gun for trim like a brushless motor which increases work efficiency and extends battery life with less maintenance needs.

By using the Greenworks 24V 18GA Brushless Brad Nailer you gained unparalleled freedom of movement without the need for power outlets or untangling wires. The key feature of this nailer is its brushless motor which sets it apart from conventional nailers. The absence of brushes can minimize friction or wear which leads to higher motor efficiency for a long time. In every prolonged nailing session, the brushless technology of the nailer ensures consistent and exceptional performance. 

The nail gun operates through a 24v lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable. So, you can freely move around the workshop even in tight spaces or where power outlets are not available. With its 18-gauge nail capacity, the nailer is ideal for a wide range of applications like baseboard installation, crown molding, and including trim or other woodworking tasks. Its user-friend and compact design with nail depth adjustment makes it suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professional woodworkers.

From small trim work to large construction jobs the nailer’s 18-gauge nail capacity impressively accommodates to tackle various projects. For a professional-looking nail finish to achieve the right results it also has nail depth which is easy to use and control. While working the nail jam of a nailer could be frustrating and time-consuming, the Greenworks 24V 18 GA Brushless Brad Nailer has a nail jam-clearing mechanism in which you can easily and quickly remove nail jam to resume your work. 

The user experience is solidly good, the magazine is easy to open and reload, comfortable grip, lightweight design with a nail depth control feature the impressive thing is a cordless gun enhances portability whether you’re working on a job inside or outside you can freely move. Plus its compact size makes it easy to store, so if you’re searching for the best nail gun for trim to ensure high-quality, consistent, and reliable performance, then you should go for Greenworks 24V 18 GA Brushless Brad Nailer.


  • Pretty nice gun
  • Integrated belt clip
  • Delivers fade-free nail power
  • A safety pin mechanism


  • Not yet

10-Arrow ET501F Corded 5-in-1 Professional Nail Gun

Arrow ET501F Corded 5-in-1 Professional Electric Nail Gun

  • 18-Gauge – 5000 Fasteners
  • From 5/16-inch or 3/8-inch
  • Up to 60 shots per minute
  • ‎3.3 pounds – ‎AC/DC power source
  • ‎10.59 x 9.06 x 2.72 inches

The next indispensable tool for DIY enthusiasts and professional woodworker is Arrow ET501F Corded 5-in-1 Professional Electric Nail Gun which is a multifunctional power tool to simplify various nailing operations. Every project with its innovative 5-in-1 user-friendly design promises to deliver versatility and efficiency. It is constructed with durable material which boasts a robust and ergonomic design.

The Arrow ET501F Corded 5-in-1 Professional Electric Nail Gun is lightweight and well-balanced in construction to ensure the long run for both small and large projects without any user hand fatigue. Thanks to his non-slip grip which is a plus sign of its usability and precise nailing control while on its operations. Its 5-in-1 nailing feature allows its user to interchange five different nailing tasks seamlessly. The nail guns support all applications which you’re expecting like brad nails, narrow crown staples, pin nailing, and others from carpentry to upholstery.

The Arrow ET501F Corded nailer always delivers the promise of performance, its nail depth adjustment enables precise nailing according to user requirements for professional and clean finishing. So, the electric-powered nail gun provides a consistent driving force mechanism to eliminate the need for manual hammering and increase work productivity. In terms of safety and security, the nailer never disappoints you, you can confidently work with the nailer with a piece of mind.  

While it has a simple and easy setup process, if you’re a beginner or a professional woodworker, it doesn’t matter you can easily operate with its clear instruction. But it has some limitations, it’s not ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications because industrial applications require a lot of power tools. For trim projects it is one of the best nails for trim we assure you and you would be surprised thanks to his well-engineered design for excellent precise nailing, especially in detailed projects the level of control is crucial to ensure professional-looking results. 

In short, when you take a look overall performance and features of the Arrow ET501F Corded 5-in-1 Professional Electric Nail Gun you would never ignore its efficiency, versatility, and ease of use whether you’re a seasonal woodworker or a regular DIY enthusiast This is excellent to handle a wide range of tasks with ease. While it may not be an industrial-leading tool, its performance and safety features prove it is a valuable addition to your toolkit. So, if you’re seeking a reliable and multifunctional nailer this electric nail gun is undoubtedly worth considering, really.


  • A game-changer tool
  • It’s easy to load and use
  • Power enough to drive
  • Fires five different types of fasteners


  • Less strong


Investing in the best nail gun for trim can significantly elevate trim projects’ quality and efficiency. Considering specific needs and your project’s preferences like power source, nail depth adjustment or nail size, and ergonomic design may help you to make an informed decision. Having the right nail guns you can achieve outstanding results in your trim projects with proper safety and precaution. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best nail guns for trimming?

A 16 gauge nail gun is the perfect option for trim projects and in most cases, it is versatile. 15-gauge nail guns are often used after 16-gauge nail guns. For fine detail work like furniture repair and thin trim work 18 gauge nails are used. All the considerations depend on your trim project’s nature and we recommend you can always go for them.

What is the best size of nails for trimming?

The best nail size for trim projects are 2-inch(6d), 1 ½, (8d) inches but using the short nail size always works better. We personally recommended you can go for nail size according to your trim thickness materials or desired project needs. 

Can we use a framing nailer for trim work?

No doubt, the framing nailer is much more powerful but it’s not recommended to use them for trim projects, because they become the cause of trim material damage. You always go for the suggested nail gun for trim work.

Can we use any nail size for trim work?

No, it’s not recommended, because different trim projects require different sizes of nails in terms of their material thickness. First, you can ensure your nail guns can accommodate the nail size which you’re choosing.

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